Cyclone Box Installer v1.10 FBUS2USB, TurboCache, Infineon XGold Imei, Loaders & more (2010-12-07)

Cyclone Box Installer v1.10 FBUS2USB, TurboCache, Infineon XGold Imei, Loaders & more (2010-12-07)


proudly presents
Cyclone Box Installer v1.10

What's new?
- Infineon XGold IMEI Backup/Restore added (First in the world)
- New BB5 FBUS/USB Loaders v10.34.1 introduced
- BB5 USB Flashing module rewritten, supports new Flashing Type: FUR USB
- using FBUS loaders on USB. Is possible now to do also RPL write, Cert's read/write/erase, using just USB cable. Full FBUS protocol emulation over USB supported!
- FBUS2USB RAP4 Support
- FBUS2USB Broadcomm Support
- Broadcomm platform flashing added (Nokia X2,....)
- 6700,E52 and other RAPunistore Booting fixed (Wrong First Char Received)
- SL3 Simlock RPL Write Introduced
- DCT4/BB5 Flash TurboCache added, increasing flashing speed a bit
- The Profile Bits is now analyzed before SL3 Unlock (it will not submit job if phone have blocked NCK unlocking
- i.e. Telcel Mexico units)
- New NCK unlocking method for SL2 phones introduced (with latest MCU SW versions)
- Added Autologging (operation logs are stored in StoredFiles)
- Added USB Full RPL Backup (NPC,CCC,HWC,Simlock,WMDRM,etc)
- Added StatusBar in Nokia Tool, displaying current Task/Mobile attached
- DCC Camera Repair added for module NI00BC0000030102F201
- DCC Camera Repair added for module ISL3TI0200000C000002
- DCC Camera Repair added for module IS00TI0200000C208A03
- DCC Camera Repair added for module IS00TI02000001022B04
- DCC Camera Repair added for module 86000300010401022B04
- DCC Camera Repair added for module 8600030001040C208A03
- DCC Camera Repair added for module 86L10300010406260004
- DCC Camera Repair added for module 86L10300010406260000
- DCC Camera Repair added for module 86L103000104094C1003
- Refactorized GUI thread problems
- Improved stability of Blackberry calculator
- Improved flashing speed with Skins Enabled
- Added detailed Action Statusbar
- Added CBUS StatusBar, indicates "---->" on USB Transmit, "<----" on USB Receive, Idle and Errors
- Support area is rebuilt
- file list parsing is optimized
- "Connection Closed Gracefully" in Support Area fixed
- Connection recovery in SupportArea added
- Fixed "Floating Point Divison by zero" in Support Area
- Entered NCK codes are now backed-up too upon Simlock Backup
- New progressbar introduced in Nokia Tool gui
- Improved USB SwitchToRaw
- Improved ADL Server Pooling
- Improved USB Phone Pooling
- USB BootRom detect routine rebuilt
- Fixed "Access Violation" while application exit
- Fixed Registration Tool bug when "Submit" button is not shown after Box Prepare
- Fixed bug when software after minimizing to tray don't appears at taskbar
- Added "KB Left", "Time Left", "Current Speed" real-time information while downloading files from support
- The Germany Server is now default Support Server
- Added support for Box HW Revisions B, thus is A11F, B110, B111 and B112, and other B11x
- Old "INI" File Parser Module added (for Old DCT4 phones)
- Old "INI" File parser Module added (for Old BB5 phones)
- Added support for 6630,6680,N70 ini parser (DPConverted v1-v2 VPL files)
- The product name is now resolved at Product List (i.e. RM-1 (6630))
- Auto-select flashfiles added (selects product and variants on Read Phone)
- The new method of BB5 NCK Calculation is now the default Unlock Method for BB5 mobiles. For SL3 use SL3 Online Code Calculation.
- "Abort" button added, this terminating all threads (during flash, erase, unlock, whatever)
- Skin Manager updated to v7.02, much stable and faster
- Fixed box hangup problem when PC goes to sleep mode
- During SL3 Check/Submit job, phone is readen first, then server transaction starts (to not overload server resources)
- Failed to Process Initial Challenge (2) during Bootloader Upgrade fixed
- During SL3 Submit Job software now try first to read PM 120 and detect if phone is SL3
- Small changes regarding SL3 Submit Job
- should work bit smoother right now with bad cables
- Updated message about SL3 Credit consumption
- Added bigger delay between entering NCK codes (bruteforce protection)
- Fixed "Canvas does not allow drawing" while SL3 Manual Mode
- Cyclone Secure Bootloader v2.13 Released
- Cyclone Main Firmware v01.49 Released
- Cyclone Calculator v1.00 added into installer
- Cyclone USB Drivers Updated to
- Connectivity Cable drivers updated to
- Minor changes and bugfixes

How to update?
1. Uninstall old installer
2. Download new installer
3. Install it
4. Upgrade box firmware
5. Enjoy

Where to download? 

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